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This section was originally built because purchasing RevaleSkin™ required a physician office visit and prescription. No longer do you need the physician code and online electronic prescription forms when purchasing from physician licensed sales outlet like PamperMySkin LLC. These are required for ordering "prescription only" skincare products introduced from the web site.

Why use Revaleskin over other brands of anti-aging creams?

Now, there are other ways of reversing photoaging and it usually involves the use of a topical antioxidant. There are numerous products on the market that are advertised as antioxidants but it is beyond the scope of this entry. Today we are only going to review Revaleskin.

Revaleskin is a novel new antioxidant made of coffee berry extract. The coffee berry includes bean, hull, and pulp. It is reported to have 15x the antioxidant power than fruits or green tea based on the ORAC scale. This is impressive. Studies done on the use of this cream showed 20% increase in fine lines and 15% improvement in roughness and dryness as reported in the April edition of Skin and Allergy News.

Another study by Zoe Draelos, MD a very well respected dermatologist, compared Revaleskin with Purpose Moisturizing products and at 6 weeks showed significantly less skin roughness and more skin hydration/moisturization when using Revaleskin creams.

In summary, Revaleskin should be used as adjunct to the standard of care for reversing and preventing photoaging. It is a good sun block and assists retinoids like Retin-A or Tazorac in repairing sun damaged skin. If you are already using Retin-A and full spectrum sunblock, then this novel and powerful coffeeberry antioxidant cream called Revaleskin could just be the skin secret for you.

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RevaleSkin product are shown to reverse the Photoaging process in clinical studies.

Currently our main skincare promotional products are tied into the naturally high antioxidant properties found in the Coffee Bean plant. The revolutionary REVALÉSKIN™ product line of anti-aging creams and cleansers safely unleashes natures most powerful destroyer of free radicals that cause your skin to age prematurely. Revaleskin... The only skincare product licensed to use the Coffeeberry© anti-oxidant concentrate found in the pulp of the coffee bean. No other antioxident comes cost to Coffeeberry© for reversing the effects of the sun and polutants aging your skin. The other product is New Choices Coffeeberry Vcap vitamin suppliment. You can purchase these here!

Clinical Evaluation of Antioxidant Effects of REVALÉSKIN™

Clinical Study Fact Sheet 2007

STUDY OVERVIEW- A six-week, double-blind study was designed to assess the effects of REVALÉSKIN™ Day Cream applied once-daily in the morning, the Night Cream applied once daily in the evening, and the Facial Cleanser applied once in the morning and once in the evening prior to application of the Day Cream and Night Cream. The study group consisted of 30 subjects ages 30-70, of which a randomized selection of 10 subjects participated in a split-face protocol. The study subjects included a variety of skin types and ethnic groups.

METHODS USED: Patients were randomized into two groups: Full-Face Subjects (n=20) used REVALÉSKIN™ only and Split-Face Subjects (n=10) used REVALÉSKIN™ on one side of their face and its vehicle on the other side for six weeks. Full-Face subjects had right, left, and full-face views photographed at Baseline, Week 3, and Week 6 study visits. Split-Face subjects had right, left, and full-face views photographed at Baseline, Week 3, and Week 6 study visits with the Canfield VISIA-CR photo system.

With daily use, REVALESKIN has been clinically proven to improve overall skin fitness by enhancing skin tone, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as skin pigmentation from sun exposure and decreasing some signs of skin inflammation in as little as three weeks. The Before/After clinical trials had astounding results....

Click to enlarge before RevaleSkin usage photo Revaleskin works deep inside the skin cells to rebuild sun damage and rejuvinate colligens Remarkable results from applying Day and night Revaleskin cream finds the best products and helpful advice for your individual skincare needs. Check back often for new physician recommended products, helpful articles and the latest skin care news.

In the Split-Face group further randomization occurred, splitting into groups of five using REVALÉSKIN™ on the opposite side of the face (five on the left and five on the right) to minimize any possible bias from sun exposure. The primary efficacy parameter was the proportion of subjects who had investigator-assessed improvement in skin appearance. Tolerability was measured by investigator-assessed erythema (skin redness) and irritation after 12 weeks of use. Steifel Labs sponsored all these studies in a controlled environment.

RESULTS: The REVALÉSKIN™ regimen improved the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. No serious adverse events or allergic or hypersensitivity reactions were reported. Mild redness and burning of short duration were reported in a few cases. One subject had very mild peeling, which was resolved with continuing proper use of the 3 distinct REVALÉSKIN™ products.

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The Science of Combating the Aging of Your Skin

** Are you suddenly seeing wrinkles and age spots?
** Are dark circles under your eyes making you look tired?
** Do you wish you could get back youthful radiance and elasticity of your skin?

It happens to everyone, eventually. As you age, your body goes through changes that causes wrinkles to form and skin to become discolored. Revaleskin's exclusive formulation turns back the signs of skin aging and protects your skin from further photo-damage. Following is an explanation of the changes to your facial skin over time from exposure to air pollutants, the sun and natural aging causes:

Age 30: Creases appear at corners of eyes and in brow area
Laugh lines appear around mouth
Blue-red pigmentation shows as under-eye circles

Age 40: Expression lines deepen
Skin around jowls and neck thins and loosens
Under-eye area darkens and becomes puffy
Age 50: Deep lines appear in brow and around eyes
Hyper pigmentation causes age spots
Skin becomes dry and skin color dulls
Age 60+: Wrinkles on face and neck deepen
Facial skin loses elasticity, causing skin to sag
Broken capillaries show through skin as redness
What’s happening inside your skin?

Cellular activity slows down. Your body doesn’t produce as many new cells or shed old ones fast enough, leading to cell buildup that leaves skin dull and ashy.

Collagen breaks down. As you age, not only do you lose collagen — the protein that makes skin firm and tight — you also produce less new collagen, leaving skin thinner and less elastic.

Capillaries weaken. Blood accumulates close to the skin's surface and is exposed to oxygen, turning it a bluish-red color, like an ugly bruise. This appears as a dark circle under the eye.

What does it all add up to? Dry, drab, sagging skin. In other words, looking old. Click here to see how RevaleSkin's Cleanser and Face Cream Combination System works day and night to diminish the visible effects of aging and help you regain a more youthful appearance.

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The first brand on the market to use coffeeberry is Revaléskin™. The line, which launched earlier this year, contains coffeeberry in their night cream, day cream and cleanser. Also, at the 2007 American Academy of Dermatology’s annual meeting, a prime topic was the medicinal and anti-aging values of coffeeberry used as the prime ingredient in Revaléskin lineup of anti-aging creams. The staff at feels the buzz over this ingredient is going to generate a coffeeberry craze!

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